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Online Marketing Pricing

Offering Digital Marketing Services that increase brand awareness, get more leads and boost sales

Facebook Ads
RM1000/mth + RM350 One Time Setup
  • Ads Budget: RM1,000
  • 1x Ads Campaign
  • 1x Banner Design (Basic)
  • Media Planning and Buying
  • Content Strategy Planning
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Ads Account Setup
  • Monthly Report & Optimization
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Google Ads
RM1000/mth + RM350 One Time Setup
  • Ads Budget: RM1,000
  • 1x Ads Campaign
  • Media Planning and Buying
  • Content Strategy Planning
  • Keyword Research
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Ads Account Setup
  • Monthly Report & Optimization
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Social Media Management
RM1200/mth + RM350 One Time Setup
  • 6x Social Media Post
  • 6x Banner Design (Basic)
  • Content Strategy Planning
  • Meta Business Suite Setup
  • Facebook Page Setup
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Digital Marketing for Business
RM2000/mth + RM800 One Time Setup
  • Ads Budget: RM3,000
  • 1x Facebook Ads
  • 1x Google Ads
  • 2x Social Media Post
  • Media Planning and Buying
  • Content Strategy Planning
  • Monthly Report & Optimization
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Facing An Online Marketing Dilemma?

Relax! Let our experts look after all your online advertising requirements.

Be Found, Or Let Competitors take OVER You

Drive In-store Sales

Increase your brand awareness to make it easier for people to access your products & services thru website

Generate Leads

Get your potential prospects and present them with compelling offers or information about your business.

Increase Online Sales

Boost your online sales by using social media to reach your target audience.

Launch a New Product

Bring excitement and introduce your best new product or service ever developed.

Promote your Videos

Make sure your videos or commercials are seen by your target audience.

Promote Your Mobile App

Get more people to know more about your apps and keep them engaged.

What We Manage For Your Business

Dynamic Product Ads

Show product ads in Google / Facebook to people who are interested or likely your product.

Content Planning Strategy

Professional copywriters will provide content planning and ad write-up for better results.

Audience Targeting

Extend your target audience to reach out all similar people on Facebook & Google

Manage Ad Spending

Manage your ads spending with a focus on ROI to achieve your business goals

Our Solutions

Want to Grow Business Sales?

Facebook Ads

Drive brand awareness and create online sales through social media networks. Get potential leads and profits by targeting the correct audience on social networks.

Google Ads

Improve brand exposure across all Google Platforms (Google Search, YouTuber, Google Partner) to increase the brand's exposure, sales conversion, and other profits.

LinkedIn Ads

Concise targeting with the world’s largest professional network. Get talented candidates, improve potential B2B clients etc. in LinkedIn.

Content Marketing

Create engaging & professional social media posts to keep your social profile high engagements and reach

Email Marketing

Send emails to segmented customers to promote your brand and encourage repeated purchases from them.

Video Ads

Storytelling through video about your brand or new product in order to get exposure, explain your clients, and encourage sales conversions.

We Digitalize Your Business

Transforming and digitizing a business can be tiring, we will help businesses to onboard and grow in an online platform. We create, grow and manage your business.
We Create, Grow and Manage your business online.
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Commonly Asked Questions

What is online marketing?

Online marketing is any marketing strategy that is implemented online. Delivering through channels such as social media, email marketing, content marketing, SEO, SEM, Pay-Per-Click, chat bot automation.

How does online marketing help my business?

Online marketing helps businesses to meet business goals in a cost effective and measurable way as all the effort could be tracked and determine which is performing.

Which Internet marketing strategy will maximize revenue for my business?

For B2C businesses, Social Media Ads (Facebook and Instagram) are the best online marketing strategy to help them engage with their target audience in the social media community.YouTube Ads also best suit brand awareness or new product launch.

For B2B companies, Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads help organizations discover new opportunities for business development and increase their profits.

How does the subscription work?

Our service starts with plans personalized for online marketing, examining the plans and executing on the plans upon the approval. Payments are not refundable as planning was done prior to the charge.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Lucianize will store advertising material on its own.
  2. All the written request makes available to Lucianize any information and content required in order to perform the service within (3) working days and authorise Lucianize’s use of the same information or content for the purpose of performing the Service. All the written request or amendment order is required 3 – 5 working days to perform the service.
  3. You shall not hold Lucianize liable for failure to execute or deliver Service in the event that You fail to provide the information or content to Lucianize ’s satisfaction in order with the clause. You guarantee that that information and content provided to Lucianize under this clause are owned by You or You have obtained permission from the rightful owner to use that information or content.
  4. You are required to further grant Lucianize permission or access as admin on the following platforms: Your website, Your customer service management software (CMS) account, Your Google Ads Manager, Facebook Ads Manager, Google Tag Manager, Your Google Analytics and/or Social Media account or webpage.
  5. You directly pay the Ads Spend to the Social Media or Search Engine provider, You hereby authorise Lucianize to use Your designated credit card to pay for any part of the Ads Spend during the term of this Agreement for the sole purpose of providing Digital Ads Buying Service. If any part of the Ads Spend cannot be paid from Your designated credit card, Lucianize’s inability to perform theService and shall not constitute a breach under this Agreement.
  6. You are allowed to request 1 monthly meeting for all plans except Digital Marketing for Business plan. The Digital Marketing for Business plan available for 2 monthly meetings for review and reporting.
  7. NO REFUND is allowed for purchases.
  8. Lucianize reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions for the offer without any prior notice